SORT-O-MAT | Ballistic separator

Separating of the most different material compositions in three material fractions. By throwing the material up and forward by a paddle, the SORT-O-MAT Ballistic Separator sorts the materials due to their ballistic properties. A 90% precise material separation into heavy, screen and light fraction is achieved. In addition, the material is cleaned from dirt and dust.

The possibility to adjust the separation parameters of the Ballistic Separator while the machine is working enables a fast and easy adaptation of the machine to changing input material compositions. For cleaning the paddle, a cleaning device is available as additional equipment.

Combined with a preceeding SCHLITZ-O-MAT Bag Opener, the Ballistic Separation System achieves the most efficient and precise material separation. The Bag Opener opens the bags leaving their contents unharmed. So, the ballistic properties of each material remains intact for subsequent ballistic separating.


  • High separating precision (90%) into three material fractions.
  • Suitable for the most different materials.
  • Safe tangling protection against foils, tapes etc.
  • High throughput capacity, low energy consumption.
  • High reliability, minimum wear.
  • High operational safety, easy to service.
  • Easy adaptation to differing material compositions.

Technical Data

Application: Household Waste, Biowaste, Commercial Waste, Construction Waste,etc.
Working Width: 2.500 mm
Drive Power: 24 kW
Throughput Rate: 60 m³/ h*

Application: Household Waste, Biowaste, Commercial Waste,Construction Waste,etc.
Working Width: 4.000 mm
Drive Power: 30kW
Throughput Rate: 90 m³/ h*
* The indicated value refers to a separating preciseness of 90%. When the machine throughput is raised, the separating preciseness will be lower.
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Sort-o-mat ballistic seperator basic principle EN
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Sort-o-mat Heavy fraction.jpg
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