• The SCHLITZ-O-MAT is coming to you

    You think your material is especially difficult? You think only a shredder is able to tear open your bags? You are not sure if smooth dosing really gives you an advantage in the sorting...


  • Opens and empties almost 100 % of all plastic bags.
  • Highopening and emptying rate of "bags-in-bag".
  • Tangle-free operation. Insentive to cords, wires and foils. Highoperational safety, even when handling difficult materials.
  • No blockage even when processing bulky, odd- and oversized materials.
  • Resistant to wear, without cutting elements.
  • Reliable slow runner.
  • Low servicing and cleaning requirements.
  • Low noise level of only approx. 75-76 dB/A.
  • Throughput rates up to 45 t/h.
  • Current operating costs below 20 cent per tonne of material.

BRT HARTNER specializes in designing and engineering equipment for recycling and waste sorting applications. Our machines streamline and automate operations at waste processing facilities around the globe. In providing customized systems and fully integrated solutions for the sorting and recycling industries, we contribute to our customers’ long-term profitability.